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BETC, Paris / CANAL / 2016

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Instead of communicating on motorsports’ common attributes (speed, famous pilots, mythical cars, stables and teams) we decided to communicate on a specificITY of F1: the sound of F1 cars engines.

To do so we devised a social activation on Facebook and Twitter.

It resulted in a social contest where users were invited to listen to the sound of F1 cars driving on 3 famous F1 tracks and to guess the names of these tracks. To unveil the right answer, videos of corresponding F1 tracks were released.

This social contest was part of a whole ecosystem of activations including:

A print ad illustrating a F1 track looking like a vinyl and including the headline “Let the engines sound”.

A vinyl: a true trophy for any F1 lovers, compiling 21 audio tracks matching with the 21audio tracks matching with the 21 official F1 tracks of the F1 worldwide championship (+5 bonus tracks).


Our social activation was made of 3 audio tracks (name of the F1 track to guess) that came along with 3 videos (the reveal of the F1 track users had to guess the name).

The activation was deployed on CANAL+ F1 dedicated Facebook and Twitter pages, with no need to develop a digital platform and to remain in the limit of a quite restricted budget.

The activation lasted over 3 days with each day a new audio track being released and a new video track being published to reveal the right answer and the name of the winner.


Given the fact the activation was pretty niche and addressed a very core fan audience, we achieved pretty good results with:

- 125K people reached

- 845 people engaged and having participated in the game.

- The feedback was very positive within the community of F1 fans. They were very positive about the originality of the contest and the challenge it offered.

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