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Fabiola SOS

UNILEVER, Bogota / UNILEVER / 2018

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Camilo and Fabiola (main fictional characters) are unique and special. They represent every home in Colombia and the love we have for the people that help in our houses. They are like moms to us.

Fab build their communication talking to moms, this time we talked to young adults and a new generation of moms that where raised Fabiolitas.

House maids are part of the family in Colombia, and one of the most trusted voices when it comes down to the purchase of Household goods.


The series has 18 episodes.

We release one weekly video.

Fab is always present on the series. Soap and stains.

Filter and organized the top 16 stains searched on Google.

We created 1 How To episode for every top stain.

We partnered up with Google and they help us gather the data. We manually organized and curated the searches to identify the stains that the audience already was searching for to be their best solution on video.

A web series about the dream of two unknown Youtubers that wanted to help the audience to remove stains and become famous in the process.


People actually enjoyed and watched the content about soap and stains because they were looking for it. We stopped being and interruption on what people was watching and became that content thanks to data.

+63% VTR.

-50% CPV.

80% average viewed time in every video.

+16 Million views


Fab sales in increase in +16% (these number was delivered by Unilever).

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