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GOOD, Moscow / VODAFONE / 2018


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For the offer with so many options, 16 000 unique ads appeared in various channels all over Italy. The whole campaign is showing that the face of Italy is changing and this new face is very cool.


We took photos of the heroes, then using the same data analytics we created a media strategy. Hyper-targeted on and offline ads were pointed at very small groups of specialized audiences in outdoor, POS, banners, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and stories.

Most of the people that we found were more than happy to collaborate, some of them because of the social and plural vibe of the campaign, and others found it a great opportunity to promote their own businesses.

We also provided a web app that allowed everyone to make their own collages. 25% of users claimed their interest to be in the campaign. Their faces were in rotation together with locals and celebrities. Predictive and geo models had been used to target these user generated ads at the most relevant small groups of target audiences.


80,000 people used the web app to share their collages, and more than 25% contributed their portraits to the campaign.

The campaign performed 4 times better than other Vodafone campaigns and 3 times better compared to similar campaigns run by other companies on the same target, in terms of increasing the awareness of the product.

Over 250’000’000 organic impressions and over 100’000’000 views of video assets.

Post campaign research showed that a substantial amount of people actually saw familiar faces in the ads.

The campaign gathered 30% of the Italian target population on e-commerce to try out the product.

The campaign made product sales rise up to 200% compared to the previous commercial push.

The campaign has grown into a huge movement of celebrating cultural diversity, unity and youth.

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