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We’ve all got lots of Facebook friends, but how many of them are our friends in real life? And what do we do with all these relationships? Wouldn’t having a coffee with them be the best way of seeing what they’re really worth? For a new communication campaign NESCAFE has decided to carry out an experiment by offering Arnaud, a very ordinary young man, the chance to live out the adventure.

The campaign was launched with a new slogan, “It all starts with a NESCAFE”. To bring this slogan to life, the brand is embracing the universal appeal of the coffee break, a time to share and get back in touch with your DNA: a genuine, welcoming brand that brings people together over a cup of coffee.

Arnaud is around thirty years old, a friendly guy with great communication skills and over 1,200 Facebook friends. NESCAFE has given him the opportunity to spend 2 months going off to meet his Facebook friends, arriving at their homes unannounced with a couple of NESCAFE mugs. Friends he hasn’t seen for ages, some he hardly knows, and others he thought he knew and has rediscovered, not forgetting a few exes…

This highly original, real-life experiment leads to 30 encounters that are funny, moving, sometimes unexpected, sometimes disappointing (that’s the risk inherent in the experiment!), but they are all genuine.

When you see the spontaneous reaction of most of Arnaud’s friends when they see him, you see how nothing beats the warmth of a coffee to break the ice, open doors and reconnect!

Each meeting was filmed by Arnaud, with 3 GOPRO cameras and then edited into 3-4 minute videos.

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