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CLM BBDO, Paris / UBISOFT / 2019


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In June 2018, Ubisoft launched The Crew 2, the sequel to its successful racing game. Players could now control different types of motorized vehicles on land, sea and air. A new release even more focused on sensations.

We had to give gamers a new interest in this second edition and make them understand that it was the perfect field to fulfil their driving dreams. They were encouraged to download the beta version of the game to test.


Usually, what you live in a game, stays in the game. But for the launch of The Crew 2, we decided to change that. We invited gamers to download the beta version of the game and we then asked them to ride all over the open world and try to manage their best race and their most incredible stunts.

They then had to simply share their race with us directly, using the “Share” button of their video game console, and we selected the most amazing one.

The player’s race was carefully studied and we spent time reproducing the exact map of his track in the real world. We had to pay attention to every background detail, in order to make it as similar as possible, so the player felt like he was living the exact same race.


We knew that racing game fans are above all looking for extreme sensations while they play, so we wanted to go further than a simple trailer, showing them stunts they could do and just telling them about the sensations they could feel. We wanted them to live it in real life. And what better way to live it than partnering with RedBull, a brand known for extreme sports and sensations. The chosen player had to face his IRL ride, with world record Red Bull pilot, Bryce Menzies.

As these gamers are used to competition and always want to do their best to win, we knew a reward like this would encourage them to download the beta version and spend time trying to perform the most incredible stunts in the game.

We created a unique interactive experience, based on what gamers experience in the virtual world, in real life.


First, we created a trailer presenting the game and inviting gamers to download the beta version to share their race and win the opportunity to live their race IRL. Then, we had to analyze thousands of races sent by players, in order to choose the most amazing one.

In Tucson, Arizona, we managed to create the exact replica of the virtual map in the real world, with designers, a development team and Redbull.

We teamed up with Red Bull and its world record, off-road pilot, Bryce Menzies, to carefully study the player’s race and see how we could reproduce it safely, without losing its “awesomeness”.

Finally, the chosen player travelled from Spain to the USA to experience his virtual race in real life, driven by the world champion pilot.


During the launch period of the game, more than 1.3 million people downloaded the beta version to test the experience.

We created real engagement between the brand and its audience, as people spent more than 2.10 hours trying to have their best race and performing their most awesome stunts.

More than 2000 stunts were shared with Ubisoft.

2.5 million people watched the film of the winning player facing his incredible ride in real life.

And we’ve been able to leverage a new audience, mechanical sports enthousiasts, to be interested in video game thanks to our Partnertship with Redbull.

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