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BONAPARTE, Porto Alegre / RIO SUL / 2017

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To appeal to young non-readers, we wanted to send a message that didn't antagonize them by painting their content consumption as something useless and books as something greater. To that end, we went with the "Read whatever you want, just don't forget the books" tagline.

To talk to this younger audience, we needed to reach them online, outside the donated media space. The client didn't have a budget for promoting social media content or for online advertising, so we needed something that spread organically. That's when this execution came through: a website where people could spread fake clickbaits to social media and trick their friends into clicking to read something relatively useless just be confronted with the fact that they could be reading a book at that exact moment. After that, they were invited to choose among several other fake news to share and pass along the message.


To reach our target audience we needed not only to go digital but to also go mobile, so the website was built to perform well in any resolution. It also needed to be very lightweight since a great part of Brazilians don't have huge mobile data plans and the bandwidth is sometimes very slow.

The whole user experience was designed to highlight the headlines and to facilitate sharing the most. We also wanted it to be cool a colorful to set it apart from the "silent library" approach.

The website was launched one week prior to the fair so it could spread and draw enough attention in time for the opening ceremony. The PR strategy was designed to have a peak at launch and to keep the story going in the following 7 days.


At launch day, with zero investment, we had 18.927 accesses to the website topping at over 300 simultaneous users. On day 2 we had 39.302 accesses.

At the end of the first week we reached 110.078 accesses from 100.194 unique visitors. We also had over 17.700 shares that reached over 1.400.000 people.

With no extra investment, we were able to not only reach a completely new audience the couldn't be reached with the traditional channels but to spread the message to an audience the size of Porto Alegre's population. We were also able to maintain the previous years' attendance in a problematic economic scenario, with less donated media space and a fair with less attractions.

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