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In 2015 the sequel launch of the box office movie Fack Ju Göhte was announced. A movie that ruled the German cinema charts based on over 7 Million visitors and that created a stir, especially in the young target group. This opportunity offered a perfect environment to get in touch with a wider audience and to promote Deutsche Telekom’s mobile EU-roaming-offer.

We wanted Deutsche Telekom to be part of the target group’s joyful anticipation, the pleasure of watching a beloved movie and the word-of-mouth afterwards. To do this, we needed to go beyond traditional movie cooperation and product placement. By combining a fictional story with a story already popular within the target group and interweaving real-life events into a campaign narrative, we wanted to create a whole new type of content format: fictionality.


Basically, the campaign was executed throughout 3 stages:

1) A TVC and webepisode introduced the content cooperation and the EU-roaming-offer through a fictional casting of Clara for a supporting role within the real movie. YouTube star Bibi was featured and promoted the episode in social media. Elyas M’Barek (teenie idol and main character of Fack Ju Göhte) did likewise.

2) The premiere of the movie was live streamed through the Telekom digital touch points and the location was branded with Deutsche Telekom. Bibi accompanied Clara on the red carpet and documented it through her social media channels, integrating new platforms like livestreaming via younow.

3) After the premiere, we integrated Clara in press coverage and created an exclusive news report with TV-channel RTL. To further engage the young, Sami Slimani provided updates about Clara and her appearance on his social media channels.


Using original Telekom content and combining it with a relevant real life event really paid off. The fictionality approach….

1) … achieved massive reach (especially within the young target group).

• 5 mio. views through Deutsche Telekom’s, Bibi’s and Sami’s online channels

• More than 300.000 interactions in social media

• More than 26.000 live streams of the red carpet event

• 33 mio. PR contacts

2) … made the young curious about the promoted product, Telekom’s EU-roaming-offer.

• 70% of 20-34 year olds: interested in more information.

(vs. 58 % among the 35-49 year olds and vs. 30,5 % benchmark)

3) …was highly efficient.

• Earned Media worth 1,15 Mio. €

• 0€ cost for cooperation

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