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STAFF BRASIL, Rio De Janeiro / YOGOBERRY / 2013

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Because of the limited physical space available in the stores, their cups of various sizes were not being displayed in a standardized fashion. In many instances they would occupy space on the counter near the toppings.

The lack of counter space made the client prioritize retail communication in the store. There was almost no institutional communication, something conveying the Yogoberry concept.

We needed to create a display for the cups that wouldn’t occupy counter space and would also convey the concept of being healthy.


We created a poster-display where real cups form “six-pack abs” in separate feminine and masculine silhouettes.

We solved the space problem and also conveyed the brand’s concept in a creative and different fashion. Reminding the customer the whole time of the product’s main benefit: 0% fat.

The concept of the piece, rather than being a command, suggests that being healthy is your choice. The choice of those who consume Yogoberry.


The application of the cups as part of the idea made everyone pay attention to it. After all, people had to look at the poster when they wanted to choose their Yogoberry.

The impact of this message was that the customer was encouraged to choose the largest cup, given that independent of its size, the product doesn’t have any fat.

Our poster-display was also highlighted in design and trend blogs, thus reaching even more people with our message.

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