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PERCEPT/H, Mumbai / FEDEX / 2012






The Challenge : In India, decision makers in SMEs and large businesses perceive FedEx to be useful only for international shipments to and from USA, and are unaware of FedEx’s ability to ship locally.

The Objective: Popularize FedEx Standard Overnight Domestic shipments across India. (FedEx Standard Overnight is an intra-India door-to-door next business day express delivery service for all commercial consignments with convenient pickup times from 44 key cities and door-to-door deliveries to 331 major destinations throughout India.)The Strategy: To create branded entertainment in the form of India’s first ‘music videotisement’ to get a mass connect and demonstrate that FedEx goes beyond delivering shipments to delivering solutions.

The content is inspired by India’s fascination with music, and leverages humour to engage with the audience. We commissioned a rock song from Shor Bazaar, an emerging independent Hindi rock band, exclusively for FedEx. We then created a full-length music video. The song was then released on music channels on TV and the internet as a music video, on radio as a song, and as a ringtone. Shorter edits of the song were released as TV ads with a plug at the end driving the audience to view the entire video.

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