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"Festival der Liebe" Trailer-Stories

ENRICO PALLAZZO , Munich / TELE 5 / 2020

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The "Festival der Liebe" (Festival of love) is an idea that is neither image campaign nor programme promotion, but something very unique. A world of our own, into which the audience can immerse themselves again and again. It is our form of entertainment, with the aim of showing how different we are. The many small spots with thoughtful points create attention. They deal with topics in their own artistic and detailed way, without losing sight of the demand for upscale entertainment.

Elements that nestle into the programme like art installations. We leave it up to the viewer to search for a deeper meaning. Not everybody likes that, but that's art. L'art pour l'art.

It is our task to also transport our messages via this. Then they stay in your head and get under your skin.


Tele5 is different. Therefore we do not present our content in the same way as you are used to from the rest of the TV landscape. Within the Festival der Liebe programmme promotion and image elements merge into a single unit in the trailer block and lead the viewer for the next 90 seconds into lovingly designed little stories, which on the one hand pay tribute to the station's image and on the other hand point out upcoming programme highlights.


From a pool of over 300 different short stories, we select an individual element for each trailer and embed the trailer visually and linguistically logically into the Festival der Liebe-cosmos.The packshots can also be designed to match the content of the trailer with the help of a toolkit consisting of different backgrounds and TV sets. At the same time, we provide the viewer with visual variety. Short openers and closers built the formal framework. With the words "See you soon at the Festival of Love" or "Soon more of the Festival of Love", the viewer is released back into the programme world, but at the same time curiosity for more of our trailer stories is aroused.


By merging the programme promotion with the elements of an image campaign we can use even more space to present the world of the "Festival der Liebe" to the audience. This kind of programme promotion is unique and absolutely new in the TV landscape. Through the more entertaining, exciting and attention-grabbing presentation, we keep the viewer in the trailer block as well and thus achieve a lower fluctuation in the commercial breaks.

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