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Fetch Across the Internet

BBDO NEW YORK, New York / MARS / 2018

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One of the many ways that dogs are good for us is by helping reduce our stress levels. This benefit is most apparent when we take time out to play with them.

So we came up with a way to play a game of fetch, anytime you like.

We linked four rival social media platforms to create an epic game that stretches right across the internet.

You simply tap to keep the ball moving from Facebook Canvas to Instagram, then YouTube and finally, Snapchat — where the dog becomes an AR object.


None of the social networks wanted to send their users to the competitors. So linking out of each platform and into the next required some hacking and a lot of testing.

The result is deceptively simple. It opens in Facebook Canvas. Users tilt the screen to watch the dog chase the ball across a park before both fall down a hole.

They swipe up to get it out and load Instagram. Using carousel, users swipe to create a flipbook that helps the dog get closer, until the ball gets caught in a tree. When the user taps to get it out, YouTube loads.

The ball falls in a pool and the dog jumps in, but the ball gets lodged in the pool filter. When they tap to get it out, Snapchat loads. Now the dog appears before them in digital form. When they tap, he finally jumps and catches it.


Overall, 140,000 impressions were recorded.

Of the 10,237 people who tried it over 2 days, there was only a 10% dropoff. Nearly all users who opted to play Fetch across platforms followed the dog all the way across the internet to get the ball.

Given that each section was between 5 and 15 seconds long, they spent anywhere from 20–45 seconds with the game.

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