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Although Amazon is synonymous with trustworthy e-commerce, it’s not perceived as the most accessible retailer in the country, especially among the middle-class who generally feel disconnected to the brand due to its foreign nature. It is a material challenge for Amazon to build trust and connection in a marketplace where other traditional retailers have led customer preference for the past 40 years.

The campaign needed to find a low budget yet powerful way to drive value perception “Amazon has the Lowest Prices” among Mexican audiences, in order to boost brand consideration and purchase intent. To do so, the campaign needed to be locally-relevant and build trust from the ground-up.


With FIERRO NUEVO (New Stuff), we replaced the classic "Se compraaan..." (“We buyyyy…”) of “Fierro Viejo” (Old Stuff), with "Se vendeeeeen…en Amazon” (We seeeellll... on Amazon")” of Fierro Nuevo (New Stuff); hacking this traditional media in a fun and innovative way, creating a memorable piece of content.

We invited Marimar Terrón -the original and official voice of “Fierro Viejo”- to work with us. We put her in a truck (simulating an Amazon box) with Michelle Rodríguez, a beloved Mexican actress, singer, and comedian to tour the popular neighborhoods of Mexico City. The two had a blast practicing the new lyrics to the original soundtrack while making jokes and engaging with random people. The new version of the soundtrack promoted Amazon's value messaging, keeping the characteristic melody and tone of the traditional one. We made a very local, relatable video of the experience and created lifts for social and digital channels.


To get closer to our audience, and show them that they can trust Amazon to make their purchases, we built the idea around three pillars:

1. Localized Brand experience. The campaign should be able to reach underserved neighborhoods of Mexico City and entice customers to trust our online store in a fun and unexpected way, by delivering a twist on a recognizable classic.

2. Use of humor. We knew that humor is one of the love languages of Mexicans and the perfect bridge to connect with them.

3. Brand spokespeople. Mexicans love celebrities but love local heroes more. The combination of celebrity Michelle Rodríguez and local personality Marimar Terrón had the potential to deeply connect with Mexican audiences and help us show our constant evolution and commitment to be close to our customers, both current and future ones.


We hacked the loudspeaker of the streets of Mexico City and created the "digital loudspeaker" at the national level. We documented this action to amplify it on social media through different formats, having sound as an additional element and a new way to get attention in a disruptive way.

The messages focused on everyday products, discounts, and installments to drive consideration among the middle class. We optimized the campaign to reach retail-friendly audiences over YouTube, Tik Tok and Meta. Thus, Amazon's Fierro Nuevo (New Stuff) was heard and seen throughout Mexico.


Reach of 26M people unique users and a +5.4% lift in ad-recall (vs norm) on TikTok.

The campaign was so well received that VTR was 6.28% (2140 basis points vs. benchmark)

It drove 3M clicks and was the best performing creative in CTR with 5.16% vs. 2% benchmark.

The campaign drove a +100bps increase in brand perception "Amazon has the lowest prices", and +100bps in Purchase Intent

Two weeks after the campaign ended, Amazon ranked first among all retailers in Awareness for Q4 retail event “Buen Fin” (53% vs. 46% for the closest competitor) according to the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO)

Sales information is confidential.

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