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Financial literacy campaign of NPCI to promote cashless, digital transactions


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We planned to popularize the cashless payment solutions in two target groups – the rich and the poor. Building NPCI’s credibility among the upper sections of the society was critical for campaign success - we focused on three broad elements: Superior payment systems, thought leadership and cyber security awareness.

For spreading financial literacy among the economically weaker sections (EWS), we assisted NPCI in conducting a pan-India financial literacy campaign to reach out to millions of banked and under-banked people through a series of workshops across India in association with regional rural banks. This initiative was aimed at educating customers about financial inclusion, demonstrate financial transactions at ATMs, how to use RuPay debit card, etc. World Literacy Day (September 8) was chosen to organize these events.

Separately, we organized interactions for NPCI spokespersons with leading regional dailies across India, focusing on products suitable for EWS, to educate them about non-cash options


• Implementation

On the World Literacy Day, helped NPCI spread financial literacy across 120 e-Payment Literacy Workshops, in 120 centers across 28 Indian states. Media outreach program highlighted NPCI’s role in promoting financial literacy among EWS.

Helped NPCI organize first 2-day international payments conference in Mumbai which saw participation by top executives from global retail payment systems.

Contributed to NPCI organizing National Payments Excellence Awards 2015 to acknowledge banks that assisted in extending NPCI’s products.

Organized 48 media interactions through CY 2015 showcasing NPCI’s superior payment systems/products and its strong technological processes.

• Timeline

April 01, 2015 -March 31, 2016

• Placement

National and regional media

• Scale : Overall, NPCI received over 4,230 media clips generating over 574 million impressions (coverage X circulation). World Literacy Day event saw staggering 25,000 participants, while media campaign received 213 clips and 82 million impressions


• Tier 1:

Client testimonial : The strategic consultancy of the agency along with its on-ground reach has helped NPCI connect to a broad spectrum of users - from masses to classes. – Mr. A P Hota, MD & CEO, NPCI

• Tier 2:

NPCI received over 4,230 media clips generating over 574 million impressions.

World Literacy Day event saw 25,000 participants, while media campaign received 82 million impressions.

International Payments Conference saw 150 participants including 40 international delegates and generated over 14 million impressions.

National Payments Excellence Awards 2015 generated 2.5 million impressions.

• Tier 3: NPCI reached a market share of 34.9% in cards business, in just 9 months of the current fiscal year (Apr-Dec 2015) as against 24.4% year ago. Digital payment transactions saw significant jump with 147% growth in Rupay Cards issued (December-2015 vis-a-vis December-2014). Substantial jump in RuPay-POS (447%), RuPay-ECOM (1178%) and IMPS (216%).

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