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Last year Chevrolet, in partnership with Discovery, created Lost Roads. A documentary that opened to the world a territory that, for 60 years, no one could enter because of the war. Working with former guerrillas as tour guides, we were able to showcase the capabilities of Chevrolet's SUVs, coming up with a content that 27 million people viewed.

This year, using Discovery Channel alliance, we wanted to increase the reach achieved.

Our country's tourism campaign says: "Colombia is Magic Realism". Even though, there have been none outstanding writers of this genre for decades, in 2021, Disney launched "Encanto", where they showed Colombia as a country of Magic Realism stories. In addition, the release of the Netflix series about "100 Years of Solitude" was approaching. That's why we decided to go out to find Macondo, the magic town that only exists in the Nobel Prize winning novel.


100 Years of Solitude has been translated into 46 languages and sold more than 50 million copies. The novel is about an imaginary town called Macondo, were characters’ lives in a reality full of magic in a place in the Colombian Caribbean that nobody knows where it is. And although there are almost 4 million Internet searches, this place only exists in Gabriel Garcia Marquez imagination.

To showcase Chevrolet SUV´s, and bring to life the slogan “Find new roads”, we went into a 1120-kilometers road trip to a place that until now, only exists in a Nobel Prize winning book novel: Macondo.

Using the pages of the book as travel guides, we created a documentary with Discovery through places and stories of Magical Realism. It was launched in 14 countries on the Discovery Channel and in schools throughout Colombia to inspire a new generation of writers.


Working with a writer and a teacher specialized in the novelist Gabriel García Márquez; we traced a road map that started in the town where he was born through the deep Colombian Caribbean. We worked with social leaders from 5 different communities to find real stories that seemed fictional, based in what the Magic Realism book "100 Years of Solitude" talks about.

We chose to partner with Discovery due to its capability to generate content of cultural value. We went out to visit places that were described in the novel and, together with a journalist, to interview the protagonists of these new magical stories. In a journey of 1120 kilometers, we showed the capabilities of our SUV's through small towns that we had to reach off road, in a documentary that was launched on Discovery Channel in 14 countries.


We started with an expectation phase using promotional pieces for TV on Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, Discovery Turbo, Caracol, RCN, and social networks. We developed more than 30 TV and digital pieces published from March 22 to April 7.

The film launch was made by Discovery Channel at 20:05, prime time, managing to place in the Top 10 of the most-watched programs in this schedule. It was uploaded to YouTube to the official channel of Discovery Channel and Chevrolet Colombia. The campaign continues with ads on YouTube, reaching a larger audience for the brand.

The purpose of supporting young students in the region became a reality when Chevrolet and Plan Foundation donated more than 250 computers to students in the Colombian Caribbean, contributing to the region's education, showing them our film, and encouraging new generations to be writers inspiring them with magical realism.


In total, we had more than 47 million people impacted.

During the expectation phase, we had commercials on national TV and cable, reaching 4,165,770 viewers with 857 spots distributed among six channels.

On YouTube, we achieved more than 825,000 views among all the videos published, and on Facebook and Instagram we reached 1.4 million users, with a total of 3.9 million digital impressions.

All the ads invited our users to see the launch of our documentary, which managed to impact 30,761 people on TV during its premiere and currently accumulates 60,000 views between the channels of Chevrolet Colombia and Discovery Channel.

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