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First Ever Wind-Powered Billboards

DAVID, Miami / ABINBEV / 2019

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Although known as “America’s beer,” Budweiser is not the most liked beer in the United States. Its taste is perceived as bland and it’s sometimes misattributed with old school and dated American values.

However, if there’s one thing Budweiser has always been known for is that it has always stood by Americans – whether it was in the 1930s when alcohol was illegal or when natural disasters struck and destroyed populated areas of the country. So, to elevate the brand, they made a commitment to brew all of their beer with 100% renewable energy, for example. So, we needed to brew a message bigger than beer itself.


The idea is to elevate a symbol that represents Budweiser’s commitment to a sustainable future, becoming the first major beer brand to use 100% renewable electricity. Our call to arms for “Brewed with 100% renewable electricity from wind power” was printed in every single bottle and can of beer we made, so we decided to take it to our advertising as well. To deliver this message in our billboards we decided to make the wind the hero, so we found a way that people would only be able to read them with the power of the wind. So we created a series of flags with differences messages to work as our OOH campaign.


There are more than 300 million Americans living in the United States, all under the same flag. However, you have to go back more than 100 years to find a time where the country has been so divided, with political opinions dominating every conversation. Budweiser has always represented American values as America’s most popular beer. It’s a drink that helps Americans bond and have conversations. So we wanted to send a message that would unite the whole country under one flag. A message that is inspiring and very hard to disagree with: A better tomorrow is possible by being more sustainable.


First, we unveiled our renewable electricity symbol on all of our bottles and cans in 2018. Then, at the beginning of 2019, to announce our commitment to Americans, we had to deliver our message in the biggest American event of the year: The Super Bowl. So, we launched our Super Bowl ad on YouTube a week before the big game to start a conversation around Budweiser’s commitment to a sustainable future.

On that same week, we rolled out our flags OOH all over the city of Atlanta during the Super Bowl week. To show in real life the power wind can deliver. The message on each flag was only visible when the wind made the flag wave, showcasing the power of wind on the media itself.

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