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The idea, was get people to understand that they could make healthier choices even when doing something as mundane as shopping for groceries – all that they needed, was a disruption.

This is when we invented a revolutionary technology – The Lipton Green Tea Fit Cart, which took over a year to build. This was a gym on wheels in a supermarket and could calculate your distance, calories burnt, steps, and time you spend at the supermarket.

A few relevant numbers in the right place at the right time eventually would spark lifestyle change and get people to subconsciously choose to be healthy in their shopping habits, and consequently in their daily habits.


We began by replacing regular shopping carts with our Fit Carts in various supermarkets.

As part of the shopping process, we saw people conscientiously watch their fitness data accumulate as they pushed faster and shopped longer – all with health in mind. Groceries had a new agenda.

The activation became a starting point, triggering what Lipton likes to call ‘#LiveGood reactions’. Once aware of their own natural metabolic function, shoppers took more steps and burned more calories in the supermarket itself. They even opted for greener, healthier, more wholesome foods.

The cart was placed in stores delivering an explicit brand encounter, while a digital film was an online tool to further communicate Lipton Green Tea’s ‘Live Good’ message – a low-effort, high-benefit metaphor for its green tea product.


Business Growth: 10% FY 2016

Value Market Share: Q4'16 vs Q3'16: +100bps

Reach: over 5M unique users, representing 70% of our target audience which is the max you can get on digital.

Views: over 3.9M views with a view rate of 17%, 7% higher than average.

Engagement: 1.8M engagement

Free Press: over USD 300K

More than that, we analyzed Fit Cart user's behaviors and found that they were walking 80% than the regular cart user and, consequently burning almost double the calories. We also found in several cases that there was a tendency of purchasing more greens, less processed foods and less carbonated drinks.

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