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Much like the environmental slogan, we approached the website redesign with the concept of “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Our company had thousands of pages of valuable content that lived everywhere except for our website. So we gathered it, reviewed it, mapped it to themes, implemented it in our new pages and actively found ways to cross-promote it. At the same time, we eliminated redundancies to deliver a streamlined narrative that unfolds throughout the site.



June 2016 – CMO requests a "quick website refresh;" digital marketing team uses the opportunity to deliver a brand new website

July 2016 – Kick off design, development and content with three different agency partners

August 2016 – First rounds of deliverable reviews

September 2016 – Determine new information architecture / site map

October 2016 – Code 10+ new page layouts; QA 100+ pages of new copy

November – December 2016: Build new pages; implement redirects from the old pages; test and validate website code across platforms and devices

January 5, 2017 – Website launches, the day before the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Placement / promotion: via social media and SEM campaigns

Scale: 100+ new webpages


Reach: Since re-launching in 1/5/17, the b2b website has reached 175,000 visitors with 1,157,703 unique page views

Engagement: Compared to the same time frame last year (1/5-1/30), bounce rates have been reduced a full 40% to only 14% and page views have increased by 70%

Sales: Our industry operates on very long (six months to a year) sales cycles, but we’ve already seen a dramatic up-tick in qualified, high-profile leads.

Additional: Page load times have been reduced by 90% to an average of one second. Time required to publish content has been reduced on average by 75%.

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