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Florida Strong

ALMA DDB, Miami / SPRINT / 2018

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Sprint wanted to create something positive from the devastation of Hurricane Irma in South Florida. Phone grip accessories were made with reclaimed wood of the fallen trees of Hurricane Irma; and made available in local Sprint Wireless stores at customers' discretion. All proceeds were donated to The Miami Foundation's hurricane relief fund to help families, communities and businesses rebuild and recover.

Sprint engaged current and potential customers on a personal level by creating useful phone accessories that serve as reminders of how strong the community in Florida is when it comes to helping each other. The unique phone grips were offered in-store but were seen and exhibited by customers everywhere as proof of their own commitment as Florida residents.


Reclaimed wood was collected in the Miami area and sent to Indiana for the veneers to be made. Veneers were sent to Minneapolis to be treated and attached to the phone grip bases. The fully assembled and packaged accessories were sent back to Miami and then delivered Sprint Wireless retail stores in the area. The process was captured and showcased on Sprint's social media outlets to promote donations and awareness of the initiative.


+ Thousands of dollars donated to the Miami Foundation hurricane relief effort to help families, communities and businesses rebuild and recover.

+ Social engagement on Sprint social media and over 200,000 views of the video.

+ Positive feedback and reactions from customers in store

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