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Flying People, Not Just Planes

BWM DENTSU, Sydney / QANTAS / 2016

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The airline category in Australia is one of the most competitive in the world, with two major full-service domestic players and a number of discount offerings fighting tooth and nail for every point of market share.

While Australians have a special relationship with the Flying Kangaroo, there was still a portion of the flying population that weren’t brand loyal. Qantas had improved competitive advantage across key drivers, and now was the time to get Australians proud of the company’s transformation, and reignite the love in the state of the national carrier – internally and externally.

The brief was to create a platform that enabled us to communicate the shared pride in Qantas, change the minds of switchers, make them feel good about choosing the brand, and increase price elasticity to protect account discounting. This messaging would be delivered in a way that was trustworthy, prestigious, professional, warm, confident and uniquely Australian.


Using real human stories of Qantas staff, we drew out the passion, attention to detail, and pride they put into their jobs; an unequivocal drive to make every aspect of Qantas service best in class, ultimately bringing the spirit of Qantas to life.

We wanted to move audiences; make them smile, make them cry, essentially allow them to engage and come to know the Qantas staff not as a baggage handler, engineer, lounge manager and pilot; but as Rachel, Egon, Jennifer and George.

These little moments demonstrated how the breadth of very different people of differing occupations and passions shared the single goal of working to create a journey. The focus and execution here was to unveil an intimate insight of people who make Qantas the Spirit of Australia.

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