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GRAPE, Moscow / UNILEVER / 2015

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To boost the brutal image of the brand, using World Cup as a context, Rexona launched the integrated campaign. In the heart of the campaign was online service - «Football without wives» to support Men’s struggle for their right to watch football without wives.

To promote this service we came up with the legend that the idea of the service belongs to a simple guy Mikhail Sindeev. On behalf of Mikhail wide crowdfunding campaign was launched. In a few days we got a record amount of sponsors and service collects 43 000 $. When non-commercial service “Football without wives” got wide publicity Rexona Men announced its intention to fully fund the project. Via FOOTBALLWITHOUTWIVES.RU men could sign an “official contract” with his beloved woman, obliging her not to disturb him during the Game. In return, women could experience Rio de Janeiro via video tour called «Rio without hubbies» and fight for a chance to win a trip to Brazil for two.


We started running a blog on behalf of simple Russian guy Mikhail on the popular site, where he first shared his «Football without wives» idea. Then we started crowd funding campaign and got the real financial support from more than 4,000 people and raised $43,000. The news about «Football without wives» service got a wide PR coverage in the key federal mass media.

One week before the World Cup, Rexona Men announced its intention to fully fund the project and decided to give all raised money back to the sponsors at Boomstarter. was officially launched.


Before “Football without Wives” project, the market share of Rexona Men brand and its competitors in men’s

deodorant category as of May 2014 was:

Rexona Men - 12,3%; Competitor 1 (leader) - 24,4%; Competitor 2 - 17,4%; Competitor 3  - 13,7%.

After the project’s completion, the brand’s market share in men’s deodorant category as of July 2014 was:

Rexona Men - 13,3%; Competitor 1 (leader) - 22,8%; Competitor 2) - 16,4%; Competitor 3)  - 15,4%.

Thus, Rexona Men brand’s market share has grown by 1%, whereas the market share of the men’s deodorant

category leader has reduced by 1,6%.

120 publications in media, PR Value € 193 500, more than 42 000 signed up contracts and 1,5 million views of

video content. The market share uplift rise in June was 66 basic points and the turnover increased by 18% in

comparison with the same period last year.

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