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WIEDEN+KENNEDY, Portland / NIKE / 2015


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A misguided scientist, aiming to optimize the game and rid it of risk and unpredictability, has created clones of the world’s best players. These clones of Ronaldo, Neymar, Rooney, Iniesta and a team of others play a safe, predictable, efficient style of football that dominates the sport and plunges the game into a drab, uninspired world.

Without the originals, not only does the game become lifeless, so does the world around it.

It takes a pep talk from Brazil’s hero of football, Ronaldo Fenomeno, to remind our heroes that they play football like it’s a game. It is their responsibility to risk everything and restore the soul of footbal.

Everything is settled in a final match between the clones and the originals that pits fun and excitement against efficiency and predictability.


The only place to see The Last Game uninterrupted in its entirety was online. It was released in a phased rollout beginning with Nike’s most committed community, spreading to its social channels and eventually appearing in the largest digital advertising placements.

The film was teased with short animated clips posted by the stars of the film: Ronaldo, Neymar and Zlatan. Next, the film launched in the content feed of Nike Football’s brand new iOS app. From there it was shared on Nike Football’s social channels around the world and then became the masthead on sites like YouTube, ESPN and 442.


The Last Game was a hit. It was viewed and shared hundreds of millions of times. Shortly after its launch it became the most shared video in Facebook’s history and it was YouTube’s second most viewed ad of 2014, second only to Nike’s Winner Stays.

With The Last Game as its centerpiece, the Risk Everything effort helped grow Nike Football’s community by six million followers and led to a million downloads of the Nike Football app.

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