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For The Love of Hot Dogs

mcgarrybowen, Chicago / KRAFT / 2018

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We created a Summer-long mission to get our better Oscar Mayer hot dogs in everyone's hand. No matter where. No matter what. We used the Wienermobile, brand ambassadors, a lot of social #ForTheLoveOfHotdogs and a bit of ingenuity to canvas the country and accomplish our mission. But first... to accomplish this we needed to create a larger fleet of vehicles that went beyond the Wienermobile. So we designed, tested, and built a new line-up of vehicles, including: The WienerMini, The WienerRover, The WienerCycle, and The WienerDrone.


All summer long, we went to extreme lengths to “get a better hot dog in every hand.”

We announced Oscar Mayer's new and better hot dogs with broadcast TV, then embarked on a cross-country journey, via six famed Wienermobiles, delivering better hot dogs to destinations far and wide - From the Statue of Liberty, to the most remote town in Alaska, and everywhere in between. The epic journey was captured on film for social content and shared across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. And to reach even more people we created an entirely new fleet of vehicles: The WienerMini, The WienerRover, The WienerCycle, and The WienerDrone. Then we were able get hot dogs to anyone even dropping them from the sky.


Prior to launch, Oscar Mayer had posted 19 consecutive months of negative hot dog sales. After our campaign launched in May 2017, Oscar Mayer posted its first positive dollar sales period versus year ago.

For the entire summer season from May to September 2017, overall dollar sales increased +0.4% versus year ago and volume sales increased a whopping 7.0%.

With all the negative news swirling around hot dogs, we needed to flip the script and establish a positive dialogue about Oscar Mayer in the press.

Over the course of the summer, we blew our previous record of 500 million earned impressions out of the water. Oscar Mayer earned OVER 1.8 BILLION impressions for the “For the Love of Hot Dogs” campaign. Our hot dog-positive, uplifting content was featured in major news outlets like CNN, Forbes, Fortune and USA Today and entertainment shows like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

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