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CAVIAR CONTENT, Los Angeles / FORD / 2013

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The Branded Entertainment landscape in the United States is quite progressive. We don't suffer from any government restrictions or regulations. What we face in America is an overflow of quality content and a general lack of interest and engagement from the audience. American people have incredibly vast and easy access to the internet and online entertainment and are very distracted and overwhelmed by the amount of content they have to ingest. It is a great challenge in such a noisy environment to create a piece of Branded Entertainment that connects with and engages an audience.


The idea was to deliver the content to the target audience (internet savvy, thirty-something women) in the places they interact with most online. We created 8 4- 5 minute episodes of a comedy series written by professional television writers that was not just "ad funny" but truly funny and engaging. In addition to using the "traditional" online channels (youtube and facebook), we distributed the series through a variety of lifestyle networks (Hulu, Yahoo) and also created a tumblr page written by one of the characters which gave facts about the product in an engaging way. Other "fun" things we created was an "Escape My Life Meme Generator" and a comic strip about the characters in the series.


The campaign was a success for all involved. The real proof of how well the campaign did is in the key metrics - seven million episode views, one million hub visits, one hundred sixty nine million reached. We also saw a brand affinity improvement rate of 7% from the target demographic viewership. Paste Magazine called "Escape My Life" One of the Ten Best Web Series of 2012, the only piece of branded content to make that exclusive list.

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