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JWT BRAZIL, Sao Paulo / FORD / 2014

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Compared to other more developed countries in the world, Brazil is still on its infancy when it comes to branded content. Especially when the subject is the digital landscape, which is where our campaign is based. In the last couple of years we have seen very few good examples of branded content campaigns come out of Brazil, but still there aren’t enough great references yet. However, we believe this will soon change soon. Clients and agencies are starting to recognize the importance of adopting a well-structured strategy, using branded content as a powerful tool to achieve that. More and more clients are recognizing the good results this kind of campaign generates, and this should help solve one of our biggest obstacles: the lack of budget for non-TV content.


The campaign featured an interactive film and website where users could explore all of the car’s features while following the story of our secret body double service. Users could also create their own personalized body doubles and share them on all social networks. They could choose from a list of boring situations from which they would like to escape and the avatar was shared automatically on Facebook and other channels. These posts had a call to action for other people to visit the website and create their own doubles.


The results were immediate. We reached a whopping 95% increase on the Focus Facebook Fanpage. Other campaign numbers include:

- 200,000 visits to the website in one month

- 50,000 doubles created and shared

- 850,000 views on YouTube in one month

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