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The co-branded promotional spot formed the central focus of the partnership. The integrated spot featured World Cup star players - Ronaldo, Messi and Neymar - as well as original shoot footage and 23andMe brand messaging and call-to-action. Shot across 8 locations in Santiago, Chile, with over 150 actors and extras, the promo takes viewers on a journey that illustrates an authentic connection between DNA testing and World Cup fandom - you may not speak the language or have visited the country, but you're connected to a World Cup nation.


The 2018 FIFA World Cup was one of the biggest sporting events in the world, and with the U.S. Men's National Team eliminated from the tournament, many of their fans were left without a primary rooting interest in the games. As a result, FOX Sports partnered with 23andMe to urge American soccer fans to choose a team to root for based on their genetic heritage. The partnership set the stage for consumers to "Root For Your Roots" and connect to the global community and to the World Cup in a unique and relevant way.


The integrated partnership allowed 23andMe to connect to the 2018 FIFA World Cup through FOX's role as official broadcaster. The multifaceted campaign began in Spring 2018 and ran through the tournament. FOX Sports support of partnership encompassed the following: co-branded promotional spot, talent activation, media (on-air, digital and radio), press, production services and on-site activation.


Together FOX Sports and 23andMe urged U.S soccer fans to pick a World Cup team using their genetic heritage. The "Root For Your Roots" campaign featured the following: a co-branded TV spot, paid media, digital and radio promotion, press, in-retail point of purchase displays, on-site activation, and a one-of-kind talent activation which spanned channels and platforms. The campaign resulted in 4487 airings of the co-branded spot across multiple channels, over 500,000 video views on social media, 850 airings on radio, over 300,000 PR views and over 250 participating talent which resulted in over 6 million impressions.

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