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Every holiday, every retailer in the U.S. offers free shipping. And everyone goes crazy for it. Norwegian Air decided to take advantage of the holiday shopping frenzy by offering the kind of free shipping no one else could. They created The Best Free Shipping Sale on Earth — the only sale where YOU get shipped for free instead of your stuff. The sale, hosted via a microsite, featured 20 items from Norwegian Air’s top European destinations. Shoppers picked an item, then got a free trip to pick it up.

The sale launched on Free Shipping Day —December 16— when hundreds of retailers offer free shipping for items to arrive in time for Christmas. And when the sale went live, thousands were waiting online to snag the item of their choice. To control demand, the items were released every three hours, with traffic spiking every time a new item went live.


To create The Best Free Shipping Sale on Earth, we selected 20 items from 10 different European destinations to promote the variety of Norwegian Air flights.

A pre-sale version of the site went live December 1 to give visitors the opportunity to sign up for email notifications when items were available. The first item went up for sale on Free Shipping Day, December 16. Every three hours, a new item went up for grabs until all 20 were gone. The sale lasted a total of five days.

To get the word out, we secured a site-wide takeover on, an American culture and travel site. We sent out email blasts to Thrillist’s and Norwegian Air’s existing subscriber lists, and used paid social posts on Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic. A Norwegian Air flight crew hit the streets of NYC, with branded drink carts and peanuts to earn PR.


Over the course of the promotion, 57,000 users signed up for emails from Norwegian Air, we had nearly 100K unique site visitors, and the average visitor spent more than 3:04 minutes on site. The majority of traffic originated from the five U.S. cities Norwegian Air had identified as their targeted markets — NYC, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale.

The Best Free Shipping Sale on Earth picked up coverage from Travel + Leisure, Condé Nast Traveler, The Points Guy, Time, Yahoo Finance, Money and more, resulting in more than 125 million impressions for Norwegian Air.

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