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GLUE COLUMBIA, Bogota / REPCO / 2017

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Make Millonarios and Santa Fe train together for one day. A surprise for the players and even bigger for their fans. A special training session just before Colombia´s Tournament playoffs that created a huge movement towards peace at the stadium and between fans with this message:

- If they we able to train together, you can share the stadium to cheer for us as well -

The activation with both teams training became a huge viral that was covered by specialized football media all around the world. nectar as official sponsor invited fans to share the training session with friends from the other club. A great example of friendship between two rivals.


The execution was impecable. Just the Coaches knew this was going to happen at first.

The players were told that due to maintenance, they had to change the usual location where they always train.

The surprise: they meet at a private club, 30 minutes difference with different locker rooms, so they could change without knowing was happening.

When they met, it was awesome, the rivals became friends who were capable to share the training session. It lasted 2 hours where they jogged, run, play, and practiced basic movements.

After the training, all media shared whats happened and the fans went crazy with the Video, recognizing that they can be also friends with their rivals.


This training session was described as an UTOPIA and a gesture to applaud from Bogotá to the infinity by Argentina´s famous football magazine Olé. ESPN, GOAL UK and all the football media shared this unique activation.

The video of Frenemies Training session had more than a million views on all social platforms like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. It was shared more than 500.000 times in just 2 weeks.

The most violent crowds from both teams, tweeted to make peace during the next city derby and they did. After many years, opposite fans were able to share the seats at the Stadium.

2 famous teams from Brazil followed our example and shared the same bus to arrive to the stadium for a match.

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