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FCB 20/80, Clichy Cedex / SAMSUNG / 2003

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'Take a big breath of fresh air at the 'Glaciere' subway station with Samsung Fridges'• A place in association with our product: glaciere means icebox and conjures up the cold universe, highlighted by the total covering of the whole station• A place that fulfills our objectives of visibility: an elevated subway station with 200 square metres of free space for animations (hostesses dressed as skiers, eskimos, a totally frost-covered walker, penguins) able to create a good buzz • A place that answers our need for efficiency and volume: a series of contact opportunities between our products and the consumers (product experience with soft drink, explanations with leaflets, a big event with an whole week of surprises)


A unique place for contact …• 186,837 travellers a day have seen the operation.Studies after event • Event recall rate: 81%• Spontaneous attribution to Samsung: 82%• Spontaneous attribution to the fridge range of products: 76%Samsung spontaneous awareness • Before event: 20%• After event: 80%A lot of press articles and radio stations have recognised the originality of the concept.

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