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SALEM, Sao Paulo / UNICEF / 2008

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Amongst the many programs by Unicef in Brazil, one of the most important is the project “Learn”. This project aims to expand as much as possible the access to quality education and manage to make children stay in school and conclude basic education at the right age. In Brazil, approximately 660,000 children are still not in the schools. The aim of the campaign, therefore, was to reach potential donors to contribute and ensure education for all children in the country.


The first step was to build a database: executives in companies with high income. From these, we selected the married ones with children up to ten years of age. We sent these people a photo album which showed the picture of the birth of a child. From then on, a space with no picture was reserved for every life phase of this new person, but which was; unfortunately, empty, because the child didn’t survive. We then asked for a monthly contribution of the target audience so that other children’s photo albums could be completed by their families.


The results of the campaign are still being analysed. The number of calls from the first lot was one of the greatest in Unicef in Brazil: 10%. Out of these, 60% became monthly donors, generating potential revenue of US$ 21,600.00 for the next two years. The total investment in the campaign was of US$ 5,000.00. Therefore, for every dollar invested, the return was of US$ 3.32, that is, ROI of 332%.

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