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Funniest Things of TED Campaign

PEACOCK, Los Angeles / PEACOCK / 2024

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To create buzz-worthy experiences that generated continued earned media and social conversation, intended to drive awareness and tune in of the IP.

Give the ted marketing campaign a comedic voice that matches the tone of the series - to activate the existing fan base throughout the campaign across social, OOH, stunts, and cross-functional integrations.

To continue to bolster Peacock’s brand perception through big swing activations for brand-defining IP, such as ted.


Make the ted campaign feel like a good time by leaning into humor through the voice of Ted.

From custom NBC IP integrations to in-world emails to play-by-play commentary from Mike Tirico and Chris Collinsworth to gut-busting OOH, our campaign put the humor at the forefront. We allowed the actual voice of Ted to spearhead the ethos of the campaign and were able to target fans of his like-minded juvenile humor.


To directly target fans of comedy, we let ted speak for itself. We integrated ted into unique parts of NBC’s fabric in a way that only Ted could. We wanted to create a Tour-de-Farce so we leaned into WWE, The Real Housewives, E! and Chucky to promote the return of everyone’s favorite foul-mouth teddy bear. In addition to tapping well-known NBC brands to engage with ted, we tapped Mike Tirico and Chris Collinsworth to provide commentary on a scene from ted during Peacock’s exclusive NFL Wild Card game. Seth MacFarlane also lent his comedic expertise to introduce the series after the game.

To build up to Ted's larger-than-life reputation, we showcased Ted having a breakthrough moment in our 3D Times Square billboard. We also made sure he was featured prominently throughout LA Live to personally deliver a trolling message to LA fans.

Ted is the kind of character you must hear to appreciate. We created a custom ted voicemail featuring Ted bragging about the show's success while offering advice to other Peacock shows on ways they can improve. We also created an in-world email in Ted’s voice.


From late 2023 into the beginning of 2024, we positioned ted in a humorous light using OOH, cross-functional integrations, and stunts. We had several pieces of custom creative featured within our exclusive NFL Wild Card game; this helped to contribute to over 105k accounts binging into the series post-game and nearly 3.9M incremental hours for the series. Our OOH placement in Times Square drove 10,241,039 estimated impressions. LA Live's "Your Team Sucks!" garnered XXX on Christmas Day. The voicemail social stunt boasting Ted's advice received over 100k views across IG and X. Ted’s in-world email was delivered to over 13.6M subscribers and over 1M recipients opened the email.


The buzz that came from ted stunts, OOH, and custom integrations propelled millions of impressions throughout the flight of our campaign which directly translated into incremental viewership.

As a result of our comedic-focused campaign across 360 approaches, social, OOH, and cross-functional integrations ted became the #1 comedy in the U.S. across all streaming platforms, according to Nielsen.

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