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DDB BRASIL, Sao Paulo / TOK&STOK / 2012


2 Bronze Cannes Lions
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The Branded Entertainment situation in Brazil is still on the conservative side. TV is still the main media and the audience is dominated by a small number of networks, which produce most of their own content. Integrating brands into existing content platforms is restricted by policies that still aim at separating marketing and entertainment. Due to this scenario, brands must look for alternative media in order to distribute content, such as their proprietary media platforms.


We created a special live event to promote the new flagship store. A theatre play was performed inside the store, divided in 4 parts, each set in a different section of the store: kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom. The play was inspired by stories shared on our Facebook page. We asked our fans to post real stories in which a piece of furniture by Tok&Stok had a central role. For example: in the kitchen, a mother struggled to reunite her family around the dinner table. The plays were presented in closed performances, as well as during regular hours, surprising consumers who were shopping in our store. The stories revealed how our products can play a dramatic role in people’s lives.


The audience identified with the stories portrayed in the campaign, generating enthusiastic responses. Since there were live performances, we could monitor the audience reaction, which alternated laughter with more emotional moments. On the days of the performances, the number of visitors rose 45%, whereas sales rose over 30%.

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