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DDB BRASIL, Sao Paulo / TOK&STOK / 2011

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Tok&Stok is the largest decoration and furniture chain in Brazil. It has 33 stores, 3 thousand employees and more than 1 million products sold every month. With the growth of the economy, Brazilians, especially the younger ones, are buying more and more furniture. The search is even larger for furniture that people can assemble themselves.

Our challenge was to tell this new audience that Tok&Stok's furniture is very easy to assemble. Therefore, we chose a new and interactive way to do this. We put the assembly instructions of Tok&Stok's furniture on a Twitter profile. The manuals were reduced to a maximum of 140 characters, including a link to the furniture's diagram. Consumers only have to look for the hashtag with the name of their furniture. And then, follow the instructions.


We created a Twitter profile gathering Tok&Stok's manuals. In each tweet, instructions to assemble furniture and a link to its corresponding diagram. All that within a maximum of 140 characters. Twitter itself was used to promote this profile's existence.

We put stickers on the furniture showcased in stores and also on its boxes, with orientations for the consumers, the Twitter profile's address ( and the furniture's hashtag.


The action caught the media’s attention, as well as the interest of current and new customers, architects, and designers who were looking for new furniture. It brought a modern and innovative approach to the brand and via social networks it strengthened the relationship with clients. Those who had already bought from Tok&Stok had a new useful tool to assemble the furniture; all they needed to do was check Twitter. And it was an eco-friendly solution because each manual on Twitter saved a sheet of paper.

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