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Galaxy S24: Janggi

BBH SINGAPORE, Singapore / SAMSUNG / 2024

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Samsung kicked off 2024 by ushering in a new era of mobile. Because they introduced the S24 series of phones, powered by Galaxy AI.

Our brief was to launch and position the S24 as the best AI phone on the market – despite the fact that Samsung Galaxy’s biggest competitor, Google Pixel, had launched their flagship AI phone just a few months earlier.

So, as part of the campaign, we created a series of films that showed the world how Galaxy AI’s new features made doing epic things effortless, just like that.

One such feature was Chat Assist – which seamlessly translates both incoming and outgoing chats in real-time, across different messaging apps.


This film tells the story of a Korean family engrossed in a gripping game of Janggi (Korean chess) between Grandpa and his granddaughter’s new boyfriend, Michael.

But here’s the problem: Michael’s in the lead. Doesn’t he know Grandpa can’t lose?!

The family group chat explodes as antsy members nervously text one another. The operatic score, "Vissi d'Arte" performed by the brilliant Maria Callas, adds to the comedic tension of the scene.

Just then, Cousin Jun simply taps to translate the entire thread and shows it to Michael. He makes his final move, saves the situation… and earns the brownie points. Just like that.


The Janggi film launched in over 40 markets across digital platforms. It received the highest engagement rate in the whole campaign – at least 3x more than all the other feature-specific films. All while having a fraction of the media budget.

Translation became the second most popular feature that fans were looking forward to on the S24. With 115K social buzz in just one month.

The film also helped to generate 92% higher product buzz than the brand’s S23 campaign. While building brand love and strengthening Samsung’s leadership in mobile.

All of this helped to increase the search interest in the S24 far above that of the iPhone 15 and Pixel 8.

Making this one of Samsung Galaxy’s best-performing launch films. Just like that.

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