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Game of Balconies

MOVISTAR+, Madrid / MOVISTAR / 2020


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Movistar + is the only Spanish TV Platform that aired Game of Thrones in its entirety (HBO arrived to Spain in 2017). We clearly saw that our strenght lies in the community we have built since the first season. We didn’t have the exclusivity of the show anymore, but we had the strongest community of GOT fans. That’s why our goal was to create an unique experience to the fans. A celebration that involves all of them. We wanted to give something big to them as a thank you for staying with us during these 8 amazing years.


During the final season of Game of Thrones, we moved the Seven Kingdoms battleground to the fans’ balconies.

For the first time, thanks to Movistar+ (the only Spanish TV Platform that aired GOT in its entirety) fans could take part in the battle showing proudly which house rules their neighborhoods.

By giving away more than 20.000 flags, we created an inmersive experience that eventually became the largest outdoor campaign ever held in Spain.

MSN website said:

“Movistar wants to fill the balconies with banners… from ‘Game of Thrones’

La Criatura Creativa website said:

“Movistar turns balconies into an advertising platform for ‘Game of Thrones’”


We saw the opportunity to set a new strategic tone to the way this War of flags was perceived by Spanish society.

Movistar was the first Brand to take advantage of this behaviour in a funny way. This new approach marked the communication tone of the video, social posts and print promos.

We activated a huge fan community with the help from the cast: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister), Kristofer Hivju (Tormund) and Gemma Whelan (Yara Greyjoy)

Concurring with the Spanish Elections, we made the war even more interactive creating a digital survey. We encouraged people to take part posting charts and polls on social media. Even we had our own electoral campaign bus on the streets.

We also sent to influencers a limited box set with the four flags. Later they posted on social networks (free of charge) which house they supported in the Game of Balconies.


1. Book your flag in our site

Stark, Lannister, Targaryen or White Walkers?

2. Pick it up for free at Movistar Stores around Spain.

We didn’t only brought the Game of Thrones war to life, we brought life and traffic to our physical stores around the country.

3. Hang your flag from your balcony and show proudly which house rules your neighborhood.

Users also amplified the action posting their balconies (and other’s) on the rest of social networks.

4. We eventually published a final report with the results. Believe it or not, Targaryen were the most supported house in the Game of Balconies.


- 20.000 flags-ads were hung on the balconies by fans in a disinterested way

- Earn Media (Outdoor): 10M €

Estimated Budget of a national 4 weeks & 20.000 outdoor prints campaign

- Over 500.000 users participated in our interactive survey (previous registration), where you could check in real time which house ruled each area of the country.

- More than 4.200 posts on social media with #JuegoDeBalcones mentioning @MovistarPlus

- Estimated earn media (Social Media): 15.000 €

Spanish Influencers participated posting free of charge social interactions and pictures.

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