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OMD, Dusseldorf / GE-DAKO / 2014

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Partnering with the Handelsblatt as most credible source of information for decision makers in Germany, we fully leveraged their traditional and digital assets.

Content is co-created by GE and the writers of Handelsblatt to ensure highest relevance, as well as best contextual fit and credibility – e.g. “Question of the day” a daily rubric touching most relevant content.

"The Technology Update", the heart of the program, delivers on a daily basis relevant content in form of videos, info graphics, image galleries, articles and surveys - spread across all communication channels: newspaper, the internet, smartphone, tablets and the most contextual fitting piece – Handelsblatt’s daily “Morning Briefing”

To further generate additional, highly relevant content, major events as “Deutschland Dinner” (with guest star GE’s CEO Jeffrey Immelt), GE’s 130th anniversary celebrated with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as a long term survey led by Handelsblatt Research Institute have been created or used.


Within three months, 493 content pieces were created with which the users have interacted 34,000 Hours+ - equalling 1.417 days of usage. The content delivered 20% more reach through avoiding being blocked through ad blocker (vs. traditional advertising campaigns).

Additionally GE’s advertising Key Performance Indicators did improve significantly:

Base Familiarity

• Aided brand awareness +24%

• Advertising recall +91%

Product Familiarity

• GE offers quality +32%

• GE offers a variety of products / services +26%

Benefit Familiarity

• GE engages in Germany +59%

• GE is innovative +24%

• Brand popularity +16%

Relevant context & content natively embedded into editorial, outsmarts big advertising bucks.

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