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OMD, New York / GE-DAKO / 2014

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Execution was selected as the media partner for the Roadshow for two key reasons; Slate possessed a unique voice that was authoritative on the subject of the Middle Market, and they packaged all of the rich content collected from the road and served it up in an engaging, snack-size format. In addition to research and articles on the themes of the Roadshow, Slate filmed and edited and shared more than 40 videos from the road profiling Middle Market businesses. The key to success for the Roadshow was being able to curate the footage, discussions and learnings from the road and publicize through a content-rich hub for consumers.

To ensure the hub was seen by a wider audience, promotional digital media ran on business and finance sites that attract the Middle Market Business Decision Maker – key sites included Fox News, USA Today and Bloomberg.


The Roadshow positively affected brand awareness for GE Capital. In September 2013, unaided brand awareness rose five points to 26% (vs. 21% in June) and aided brand awareness rose 6 points to 78% (vs. 72% in June).

The Roadshow drove digital traffic, engagement and social activity. The digital hub received 740k visits and ads on the hub received 4-9x higher click through rates vs. average ads on Ads on promoting The Roadshow and its content had 2-6X higher click through rates than average on More than 50,000 people read, liked, shared, tweeted or passed content socially.

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