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Cola-Cola wanted to use its 65th anniversary in Spain to strengthen the message of its commitment with the country and reaffirm its connection with young people, who have always been the brand´s greatest ambassadors but who had become disconnected from the brand in recent years.

Young generations are the ones that have emerged worst-off from the economic crisis of recent years and at times they feel that their voice goes unheard.

Faced with this situation, the client had two objectives for us:

1. Strengthen the brand´s commitment to the country where it has been operating for all these years. The target audience here was public opinion (the media, institutions, etc.).

2. Reconnect with the youngest generations. The target audience here were the young people, often viewed from the perspective of contributing little value to society (neither studying nor working), having little awareness, etc.


At a time when reality shows depict young people as being self-engrossed and tech-connected, we turned things on their head and created “GeneradorES”, Smart Reality show designed by Coca-Cola with the objective of giving a voice to the youngest generation in order for it to contribute with its talent and participate in the construction of the future. To do so, we selected 25 brilliant young people from different disciplines, from all over Spain, in order to live together in an ad hoc space created specifically for them, in order to discuss, converse and propose solutions for the 5 main concerns of young people in Spain.


- Insight: young people, often viewed from the perspective of contributing little value to society (neither studying nor working), having little awareness, etc.

- Key message: Young people are the present and future of society. Coca-Cola is once again reaffirming its commitment to young people though a program that gives them a voice to convey their ideas and contributions to the public opinion and politicians of Spain.

Taking all of this into account, the following strategy was proposed for the program:

- Link up with partners that had credibility among young people

- Contribute direct value (storydoing) to a group of young people representative of different realities.

- Create an experiential format that was very communicable and distinctive while also connecting with young people.

- Develop a three-tier PR strategy: National, regional and relational.



-We developed institutional collaborations with partners specialized in youth to select the 25 participants and establish the 5 challenges.

-Launch of the press release with the final selection and the 5 challenges.

-Launch of a media exploitation plan with a roadshow of interviews in the regions of the participants.


- We organized an Open Media Day to announce the start of the program.

- We created daily content to share on social media.

- We invited renowned speakers, who gave inspirational talks that were broadcasted via streaming.

- We invited CEOs from other brands, employees and media to an official presentation of the proposals which were subsequently presented to the youngest politicians from each party.


- Project was compiled in a physical book in order to magnify its impact in the media, and among CEOs and politicians (Spain).

- We managed the participation (“GeneradorES”) in various forums.


-The initiative generated more than 300 media impacts, with more than 30 interviews and it reached 56 million people.

-An AVE of 1.5 million Euros in earned media was achieved, with a positive feeling of 98%.

-More than 300 people visited the house, including Coca-Cola employees, executives from other companies and institutional representatives.

-53% of the total impacts were recorded in general media outlets with mass circulation such as El País, El Mundo and Cadena Ser.

-Among the qualitative media impacts recorded, we wish to highlight the following: items broadcast on TVE and Galician TV, Cadena Ser and Onda Cero; as well as print media and online such as El País.

In relation to reconnecting with young people:

-As partners we had associations that are experts in young people (Injuve, Ashoka and Celera), that mobilized their own communities.

-The campaign had a total of 349K interactions on social media which attained 5.13M impressions.

-With regard to Facebook, the three main speeches were broadcast live, giving the opportunity to more than +700K users and KOLs.

-“All the effort made for GeneradorES would not have made sense without a first-rate communication campaign, that enabled young people to inspire the entire country through the media” Beatriz Osuna, Brand PR Senior Manager at Coca-Cola.

-The company improved its reputation from 67.1 to 73.1 out of 100 points in the RepTrak® of the Reputation Institute.

-Coca-Cola was named the most responsible company in Spain in the beverage sector according to the Merco 2019 ranking.

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