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ARRECHEDERA CLAVEROL, Ciudad De Mexico / AXA / 2015

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Mexico holds the second place in car accidents worldwide. In 7 out of 10 cases, the consumption of alcohol is involved, which is the main cause of young deaths. It is estimated that, on weekends, more than 200.000 people drive inebriated.

In the market, there are various driving awareness campaigns; nevertheless, they are mostly communicated through traditional media.

There are many brands generating messages under the “Drink Responsibly” and “Don`t drink and drive” claims, nevertheless, they are mostly communicated through traditional media. But consumers seem to forget about these messages the minute they enter a bar.

We also tried to reinforce the idea that accidents happen to everyone, including us.

This action was able to put “the consequences of accidents” in the hands of the consumers at the right moment. Exactly when they have to make a choice: whether to keep drinking or drive.


“GLASSES OF CONCIOUSNESS” was an exhibition in movement organized by AXA. The exhibition toured the most important bars in Mexico in order to spark a conversation about this problem, in a country where alcohol is the cause of 90% of car accidents.

We decided to transform these tragic accidents into a new medium. We extracted the glass from the broken windows of the insured cars that were involved in a fatal accident caused by the consumption of alcohol.

We took the broken glass from the car crashes to a foundry where it was recycled into drinking glasses. These drinking glasses were exhibited in various display cases with a note telling where the glass came from. The message was brought directly into the bar, confronting the target face to face with the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol, with the aim to avoid it.


The action was covered by the media, reaching more than 7.5 million persons in February 2015.

The exhibit “Vasos de la conciencia” was visited by more than 20,000 persons in different bars of the most important cities of Mexico during the weekends of February 2015.

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