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IMAGINATION, London / FORD / 2018

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Go Faster is a Fast and Furious style action movie that needs a new co-star as the getaway driver… you.

We made the movie trailer but left gaps.

Participants are taken behind the scenes of a real working Hollywood movie set where they learn what it’s like to be a stunt driver and actor. It’s an authentic experience that’s part immersive theatre and part thrill ride.

Go Faster involves a deep product immersion, but the experience is centred on the passions of the target audience, not on the cars.

The end product is a unique, highly shareable professional movie trailer for each participant to broadcast across the internet.

By turning our participants into online celebrity advocates we can engage the masses with a compelling movie asset for an incredibly rich ‘reach’ strategy.

Go Faster isn’t an event, it’s an innovative approach to Experience - operating as a full communications channel.


Ford Go Faster debuted in London, followed by Paris and Madrid:

UK: 13-22nd October 2017 (tickets launched 23rd August)

Spain: 3rd-12th November 2017 (10th October)

France: 24th November - 3rd December 2017 (5th October)

Go Faster is an innovative approach to experience, with a campaign to amplify before, during and after; involving paid and owned social, search, out-of-home, media partnerships, plus influencers and incredible earned media - gaining broadcast on local Spanish and French networks.

Eventbrite ticketing is followed by communications addressing our ‘actors’.

The 4-hour experience includes in-character briefings, stunt driving, outdoor filming and green screening. Movie trailers and posters - impressively turned around by a team of onsite editors and distributed digitally with personalised in-character content - are shared across channels, fuelling our reach strategy.

Retail price: GBP50-99 / EUR 25-99

Go Faster 2017: 1000 tickets


Go Faster immerses people in an energetic Ford environment for four hours - a deep and rich time to be engaged with the brand. In return 92% of attendees in 2017 reported positive brand favourability.

The movie experience opened up the brand to a new audience, with

60% of participants under 35 and 68% non-Ford owners.

The unique movie trailer meant people were compelled to share, and others were more likely to watch. Using a mixture of social, CRM, influencers, paid and earned media plus broadcast, we opened up the reach of Go Faster to billions of people both on- and offline.

Go Faster paves the way for how branded experiences can create in-depth relationships, totally unique content yet reach out to the many - not just the few.

2.4bn media impressions

+92% in favourable opinion

60% under 35

68% non-Ford owners

88000 minutes of content watched

100% sold out

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