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OGILVY MADRID, Madrid / FORD / 2017

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Aiming to have a real impact on society, the brand decided to act locally, with activations that would change people´s life, and turning these activations, together, into real content, generating conversation through a digital platform and social network.


The first initiative was Merry Little Cars. For one day we have stopped to produce real cars at the Valencia Ford Factory, and used employees’ expertise to assemble toy cars and distribute them among children in need for Christmas. The story has reached the media generating impact not only in Spain, but globally.

Following the first initiative, the brand has launched No Limits. Through our off-road cars we´ve facilitated disable athletes to access Sport and spread their motivational story around the country. The content had a 44% organic reach and was the best engagement the brand has ever achieved in Spain.

We continued to feed our platform with active content,

“Recently, Best Drive, The brand has proposed to use test-drive cars, with no use on sundays, to fight elderly loneliness, creating a platform where consumers could schedule a car and the elderly to help.


Following the amazing numbers, Go Further Stories continues to grow, incorporating peoples experiences and emotinally connecting people with the Brand, and the Brand with the local culture. An initiative that proves speaking the right language, we can do big, with local budgets.

More than 20 million reach

More than 1 million impact on earned media.

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