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For the first-ever global campaign in Toyota’s 81 year history, we were challenged to fundamentally shift perceptions of the world’s largest automaker across 27 countries. Beyond shifting brand perceptions, we faced a challenge uncovered through global research: “mobility” meant different things to different people around the world. To compound our challenge, while consumers told us that robotics and automation signaled a new era in innovation, they also told us that these things worried them and made them feel a lack of control. We had to find a way to humanize the technology and position mobility in a way that enhances the human experience, not replace it. Our efforts were so expansive that campaign communications reached across the globe during the Winter Olympics. This meant that we had to make a campaign that felt relevant to everyone whether it was winter or summer in their country.


We worked with a statistician, to calculate the actual odds of winning a gold medal at different points in Paralympian Lauren Woolstencroft's life to create an inspiring film based on facts.


To tell the real-life story of Canadian Alpine Skier Lauren Woolstencroft, who overcame tremendous odds to become a legendary Paralympic gold medalist, we teamed up with Michael Schuckers, Professor of Statistics at St. Lawrence University. Schuckers’ assignment was to show just how tremendous those mathematical odds were. We had to look at where we were at a certain point in Lauren’s life and as we transition to the next part of her story, what are the things that are relevant. For instance, there are however many millions of kids who start out as ballerinas; how many of those kids are going to be active in sports? We had to carefully and correctly identify these odds.


Good Odd's kicked off our campaign using the biggest platform in the U.S. (the Super Bowl) to springboard our launch on the biggest platform in the world — the Olympic and Paralympic Games.Our campaign spanned across 40+ countries and 28 languages. It lasted the entire duration of both Games with coverage across every platform, ranging from TV to streaming and digital.Our executions featured such a wide variety athletes and influencers that we were able to align their airing with contextually relevant events throughout both Games. We also placed ads featuring Paralympians during Olympic events to generate interest in the upcoming Paralympic Games, furthering our mission to elevate the perception of the Paralympic Movement across the globe.


‘Good Odds’ was the launch of the Start Your Impossible campaign and served as a launchpad for the next era of Toyota’s business. UnRuly rated ‘Good Odds’ the most effective ad of the Super Bowl. And according to Ace Metrix, ‘Good Odd’s was the Top Breakthrough Ad of the big game. It’s success, helped Toyota exceed both of our key campaign objectives. Toyota’s Olympic/Paralympic Sponsorship awareness was so strong that we not only exceeded internal benchmarks, but also made significant gains on Coca-Colas Sponsorship awareness. In a category in the midst of a major transformation, it was a difficult task to shift perceptions that Toyota is more than just an automaker, but we managed to do just that. The campaign achieved significant gains in Mobility Brand, Mobility Leadership, and Robotics Leadership KPIs that ladder up to our ultimate goal of a shifting mobility perceptions for the brand.

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