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We created: TOYOTA RUN.

A banner like the classic arcade ones, with a small difference.

The banner invited you to play driving a fancy sports car. Everything seemed fine but after a few seconds your sports car broke down. It was then when a Toyota car appeared to rescue you and it allowed you to keep driving a more reliable car, a TOYOTA.


We developed our own version of a 80´s driving simulator, but we made a script with a turn. The item invited us to play, to drive a classic sport car accompanied with a beautiful couple. Everything seems normal until the sport car breaks up. Frustration appears. At that point a Toyota driver comes (Toyota it´s one of the most reliability Brands) and invites our couple to get into the car and leave with him. Besides this point we are the ones that drive the Toyota without any fear to being stranded on the motorway. It is the Toyota reliability the one that it makes us enjoy the driving.

We found a lot of challenges like try to make it similar to the 80s appearance or stay attached to the specifications of the computer media support, even more tough than the 80s.

We published this creativity in the main digital newspapers.


The impressions were a 3,35% more than what they booked up. The obtained impressions were 28.939.352.

The objective about clicks was 52.255 and the followers rated 101.080, therefore, the followers achieved were an 93,44 % more than the estimates.

The CTR estimated was 0.18% therefore, the CTR achieved was 0,35%.

The total digital conversion was 26.807. this conversions in HCPVS (High Consideration Page Views): Price and promotions, Test Drive, car configuration , catalogue downloads and dealership search

The average time of permanence of the users on the item was of 20,93 seconds.

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