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Google Pixel 6 x New York Times Advertising: Picture Progress

T BRAND STUDIO, New York / GOOGLE / 2022

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“Picture Progress'' is a multi-media campaign highlighting the intersections of technology, race, representation, history and photography — first, looking back at the history of photography and race, then looking forward to explore what equal representation means today.

We highlighted three civil rights activists through the lens of Google’s new technology that more accurately displays darker skin tones. We then placed Google’s Pixel 6 in the hands of three BIPOC photographers to document their communities. Our photoshoots yielded incredibly powerful, accurate photography, as well as filmed conversations that explore what image equity means to those limited by a historic lack of representation.

Our films are a celebration of identity and self expression, highlighting these BIPOC photographers’ varied viewpoints. Our body of work offers a personalized take on image equity through the tradition of portraiture, capturing the depth of individuals and helping everyone to visualize or represent truth.

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