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Guarania trilogy

ONIRIA\TBWA, Asuncion / ITAU / 2021

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In Paraguay, 80% of local music consumption is international, only 20% are national artists, according to APA (Associated Paraguayan Authors). A recent study in Paraguay revealed 62% of population tend to ignore their own culture. And the figure is even higher among young people.

“Recuerdo de Ypacarai”, the most famous guarania song, turned 70 years old in 2019. And Guarania is a musical genre created in Paraguay. It was an opportunity to work brand awareness with local culture as a strategy to gain closeness with Paraguayan market, since Itaú Bank is the only foreign bank in the country.


A circuit of experiences to celebrate “Recuerdo de Ypacarai” at Ypacaraí Lake, the inspiration behind the song and the summer capital of Paraguayan youth.

“Paseo del Recuerdo” is an interactive musical installation that allows anyone to play the notes of “Recuerdo de Ypacarai” just by passing the palm of the hand over the keys.

“Fuente de Inspiración” celebrates the place where the author first saw his loved one, with a podcast experience.

“La morena”, a manual karaoke art installation honoring the author guitar to be played by anyone.

All 3 installations are allocated in a pedestrian walk space with a high people traffic specially from January to March (south summer).


The installations are allocated in San Bernardino City, the capital of Paraguayan youth during summer (January to March).

Itaú Bank is the main sponsor of the pedestrian walk space in the city, witch includes a bike lane, and we wanted to do something more than usual brand awareness on traditional spaces.

Over summer, Paraguayan youth wants to share everything they do. So we worked on being one of the things to share on summer.


First installation was “Paseo del Recuerdo” launched in 2019 with communication on newspaper, PR and social media. During the first 2 months, over 81.000 people played it and it was declared as a national tourist spot by the Ministry of Tourism from Paraguay.

“Paseo del recuerdo” became a insta-sharable experience.

So in 2020 we launched “Fuente the inspiración” focusing on the sound experience of the song, with a podcast around “Recuerdo de Ypacarai” history. It was also launched with communication on PR and social media, but interaction wasn't high as the first installation.

So in 2021 we focus again on a more playfull spot with “La Morena” celebrating the artist guitar. And it worked because the ROI of media investment and brand awareness growth more than 2020 and metrics shows it was the best ad recall campaign in Itaú Bank history on Facebook


Over 450.000 people visited the circuit and still couting

The circuit became a permanent installation at the request of the City Council.

Guarania local music consumption growth 170% among young people.

Itaú Paraguay is Top of Mind and has the highest consideration in the category according to the Tracking Latam study by Kantar for Banco Itaú

Itaú is the bank that transmits the closest proximity in the category according to the Tracking Latam study by Kantar for Banco Itaú (being the only foreign bank in the country)

Itaú is the bank with more earnings in 2019 and 2020, according to the Central Bank of Paraguay.

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