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The Unstoppable Squad

MEDIACOM, Sydney / WESTPAC / 2016

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Young Aussies believe banks are self-serving, elitist and operate within an establishment they try so desperately hard to resist. In their eyes, banks are not human; they’re a machine, a necessary evil aggressively operating in direct opposition to their lifestyle and values.

Young Aussies have certain characteristics that make it more difficult for organisations to connect with them. On the negative side, they've been described as materialistic, lazy and prone to jump from job to job. On the positive side they are generally regarded as being more open-minded, and more supportive of gay rights and equal rights for minorities. Other positives adjectives to describe them include confident, self-expressive, liberal, upbeat and receptive to new ideas and ways of living.

THE OBJECTIVE: at a time when we have more choice than the traditional banks, Westpac needed a non-traditional way to connect with and prove to millennials they talk in their language.


An explosive trailer launched the series teasing glimpses of what it means to live unstoppable. We invited young Aussies to visit the Westpac Tumblr to discover long form video stories and gifs of The Unstoppable Squad. Each story was crafted through a hero video piece, and complimented with video assets running across Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to tell the story from a new angle and compel young Aussies to watch more. Instagram video allowed Stef’s story of travelling Ghana to reach a travel hungry young audience through captivating #travel #inspo clips, Snapchat gave behind the scenes, raw realism to his gritty adventures and we distributed

the full length video story on Facebook around inspirational travel content and blogs reaching those travel fanatics. We launched new Unstoppable Squad stories every two weeks and optimized spend to the best performing formats, taking learning’s into content creation for each story.

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