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#GuiltyTags uses a social network to uncover the network behind child abuse. We posted the stories of nine child victims on Instagram – based on true events. Then we created and tagged all the profiles that led to that child being hurt. The more users explored, the more they realized that every profile was accountable – and that violence against children is a shared responsibility.

#GuiltyTags is the first documentary to function through social media that allow users to discover the story in 9.1 million ways. They investigate in their own way– but the conclusion is always the same: we are all responsible for the children of our community. It uses the perfect medium to portray a society that is connected closely to itself – but often not to its morals, and offers the sobering truth with a means to do something about it.


We created an Instagram profile called #GuiltyTags. Then we posted the pictures of nine child victims. For each victim, we created all the profiles involved in hurting them – and tagged them on the face of the children. By exploring the profiles connected to each child – users could discover that each profile is somehow guilty – either through acts of abuse, neglect or inaction. The 60 profiles were brought to life with 1667 photos, 114 videos and interacted with each other thanks to 7200 hashtags and 856 tags. Users could engage through digitally recreated communities in over 9.1 million ways with over 3000 points of entry.

The campaign was launched at an event that brought together key political figures, journalists, influencers and opinion makers – and was also brought to the streets of France through electronic digital billboards.


The #GuiltyTags Instagram account got 7,333 subscribers in two weeks and caused over 3340 spontaneous social discussions. It went on to achieve a total of 48 million organic impressions including social, outdoor and PR (major French and international magazines like Le Figaro, France Inter, RFI, Creativity Online and many more).

Innocence En Danger saw a 71% increase in online mentions over the two-week period.

Local companies and initiatives rallied behind #GuiltyTags and gave it 90 thousand Euro worth of free media space.

The campaign didn’t just touch millions of French people and increase the public presence of Innocence En Danger – it got them to take action and protect the children of their communities – the French Child Safety Hotline experienced three times more calls since the launch of the campaign.

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