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TALENT, Sao Paulo / SANTANDER / 2014

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Despite a huge number of car crashes in Brazil´s nightlife, people seemed not to change their ‘drink and drive’ habit. With the new ‘Zero Tolerance while driving Law’, expensive taxies fees and no public transportation at night, having fun became a problem.

Santander could lead a change helping people to enjoy the nightlife, return home safely and save money.

More than a campaign, it was business idea for Santander Credit Cards: at night, clients had a 50% discount on the taxi fare .


As soon as the action was launched, it became an instant hit. There was 10 million impacts through spontaneous media in 1 week.

There were over 130,000 'half fare' taxi rides in only 5 months.

80,000 clients using the new service.

A significant increase in requests for Santander credit cards.

According to the brand’s tracking research during the campaign, there was an increase in spontaneous awareness, and the highest level of bank recommendation within the players.

Moreover, the most important: Santander gets closer to people by allowing them to have the most of the nightlife safety.

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