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During the winter, Portugal homes are among the coldest in Europe.

Since we don’t usually have central heating systems in our homes, we either cover ourselves in blankets or pay high heating bills for not-so-efficient portable heaters.

But Worten, the market leader in home appliances and consumer electronics, realised there was one solution missing.

Every year Worten launches a campaign with heating solutions, this time, we included the best way to turn every house warmer, and, at the same time, help to solve one of the pandemic problems: animal abandon.


There's a more energy-efficient, slightly less expensive, and certainly much cuter way to warm our homes (and our hearts): adopting a pet.

So, we’ve partnered up Worten – the market leader in electrical household appliances and consumer electronics – with União Zoófila – the largest animal shelter in Portugal – to ‘sell’ the animals for adoption in the heating section of Worten’s online store.

Strategy is the most visited website in Portugal, so these animals would have an immense audience. Usually, União Zoófila doesn't have the means to reach out to a large part of the population, so this was an easy and inexpensive way to do just that.


In the heating section of Worten's website, we had home appliances and pets, surprising everyone who went there looking for an electric solution.

The campaign aired in mid-november and it's still online, thanks to its success.


- The campaign reached 1.250.000 people (12% of the Portuguese population);

- The number of applications surpassed the number of animals available for adoption;

- It generated much earned media, and Worten and União Zoófila’s leaders were even invited to promote the campaign on Portugal’s most watched morning show;

- Other humane societies showed interest in collaborating with Worten in the future;

- Worten was seen as a more meaningful brand, concerned about animal well-being;

- And, most importantly, we now have many warmer homes and hearts.

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