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Heineken Dance More Experience

GREY MÈXICO, Mexico City / HEINEKEN / 2016

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Welcome to our Heineken party, where the more you dance and the less you drink... the more you get to enjoy an unforgettable nightlife experience.

That’s right: a beer is asking its target to choose moderation, and dancing over drinking.

Use our wristband, link it to your smartphone through our Heineken Dance More App, and dance all night to the live sets of renowned DJ’s (included legendary Paul Oakenfold), earning access to different exclusive parties located in downtown Mexico City where you’ll dance until sunrise and experience first hand the benefit of knowing when to drink less and Dance More.

An experiential activity proving that sunrise belongs to moderate drinkers.


In October 2015, we invited 500 Heineken social media followers to a party in downtown Mexico City, featuring DJ Eduardo Rossell. At the entrance, we gave them a wearable device that would connect to their smartphones via our Heineken Dance More App, turning them into “dance monitoring devices”.

After three hours of party, the ones who danced more received an invitation to a second party, with a location (within walking distance) pointed on Google Maps. We provided bikes and “Heineken cabs”.

Each mobile phone became the personal ticket to get into this more exclusive party that showcased a set from DJ duo Nava & Bo.

Again, those who chose dancing over drinking, were rewarded with an even more exclusive party: a rooftop event, where legendary DJ Paul Oakenfold played until sunrise, proving the benefits of a night enjoyed in moderation.

The event was shot and uploaded online.


Not only the guests experienced our message first hand, the video of the activation was widely shared online, promoting the benefits of a night in moderation.

Heineken is proactively sending a worldwide message encouraging young people to moderate their alcohol consumption, focusing the conversation on the bright side of being sober, and the rewards that come with it, instead of bringing up the dangers of excess.

It’s better to know when to say no, and avoid an awful night.

The “Dance more, drink less” conversation went beyond the activation, expanding to social media channels.

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