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#Hello Little Directors

TBWA\KOREA, Seoul / AIRBNB / 2018

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Airbnb’s brand vision is ‘Live There’, especially Live There ‘with your family’ in 2017. Because Airbnb believed that by ‘living’ there, not ‘going’ there, people could see the world differently. But in Korean family travel, parents always led kids, and kids were often being just followed. So, our objective was firstly, discovering what kids see and feel in family travel, since they are the ones who naturally ‘live there’ when they go travel. Secondly, utilize real ‘kids generated contents’ since we want to see real travel stories captured by kids. Lastly, in this way of travel, family to be truly connected with each other.


Firstly, we made hashtag #HelloLittleDirectors as a tool recruiting videos from users. And then, announced this event via various channels. Users uploaded videos taken from their kids via their own SNS with hashtags #HelloLittleDirectors.

As result, 784 short movies were entered shoot by our little directors. With 784 movies, we edited the movie #HelloLittleDirectors, to show how kids see travel differently from us.

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